The 2021 Vintage

LucidWild had an exceptional 2021 harvest season, with warmer than average temperatures  that resulted in the development of perfectly matured grapes, brimming with lively flavors and elegance. Although the season started off cool, it eventually turned warmer by late June, especially in the region of Dundee Hills. With dry-farming protocols firmly in place, LucidWild’s 25-year-old vines remained healthy and resilient thoughout the warmer temperatures.

Summer temperatures tapered off prior to harvest, with warm days and cool nights, which allowed the grapes to gently hang on the vines and ripen at a deliberate and slower pace.  LucidWild began the Chardonnay Harvest on August 30th and the Pinot Noir Harvest ten days later. The harvest continued uninterruptedly until September 16th.

Given the exceptional harvest conditions, LucidWild 2021 single vineyard estate wines are balanced with focused flavors, stunning fruit, gorgeous vibrancy, and long-aging potential. As grape growers and winemakers, LucidWild could not have asked for a better gift from the estate vineyard, volcanic Jory soil, and Mother Nature.