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The Artist

Sean Mosher-Smith

LucidWild’s wines represent an experience, an occasion, a time, a place in a bottle. The original artwork on the wine labels brings illustrations to life to pair with the wines. The emotions and meanings evoked by each label is personal and unique as is the experience of sharing and enjoying LucidWild wines.

LucidWild’s original artwork wine labels are designed and created by Sean Mosher-Smith in collaboration with Gauge Branding. Sean Mosher-Smith leads the award-winning studio Echo Designlab in Brooklyn, NY. With over 20 years of experience in creative direction, design, brand architecture, and photo-illustrations, Sean creates print, interactive and social for global clients in entertainment, sports, fashion, luxury, and technology.  Sean has worked directly with, among others, Nike, Golden State Warriors, Sephora, Benta, ESPNx Games, Tori Amos, Walt Disney Family Museum, Adidas, San Francisco 49ers, Kidaptivea, Elisa, Kiehl’s, NKD Spa, and The Wall Street Journal.

Before forming Echo Designlab, Sean worked at Virgin and Capitol Records as a VP, Creative Director. He managed and supervised all global imaging, packaging, and branding. Sean has worked directly with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Christina Aguilera, Iggy Pop, Dave Matthews Band, Courtney Love, Tori Amos and Joss Stone. As Creative Director at The Sloan Group, Sean launched award winning global campaigns for MTV, Verizon and Iceland Spring. Sean was named one of the top 200 illustrators worldwide by Archive Magazine and his work has been featured in numerous global books on design and illustration.